Towpath Trail Detour

A 1 mile section of the Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Trail has been closed by the city of Akron to dig an underground tunnel designed to curtail sewer overflows. This section of the Towpath will be closed to walkers, joggers and bicyclists for up to four years

A detour to Hickory street has been opened as an alternative route while the construction project is going on. Hickory street runs north and south between West North Street and Memorial Parkway. It is parallel to the Towpath Trail west of the trail. There are a few semi-steep hills on the 1.3-mile detour, and it is not as flat as the trail. There are also two Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad grade crossings. Trail users will be able to walk or pedal on Hickory Street sidewalks and in the street in spots where there are no sidewalks.