Mustill Store Museum Exhibit Upgrade

This year, we are planning to upgrade our museum exhibits which have remained unchanged since they were installed in 2000 due to their fixed nature. We are adding technology and the ability to rotate content to make it easier to highlight different stories of the canal era and local history.

Mustill Memorial and Kitchen Garden Project

Project description

The request for funding is going for a specific garden project. The plan is to create a memorial garden in a mulched area that has not been planted. Native Ohio woodland plants species saved by Akron Garden club members from a site that was being developed for commercial use will be used in the beds. A flagstone path linking to the home and museum's existing path will be created to wind through the garden ending at a flagstone patio. The focal points will be the placement of 2 historic millstones and stake mounted memorial plaques commemorating 3 outstanding citizens that were integral in the cultural development and reconstruction of the Cascade Valley and Mustill site. Also included in this project is the creation of a small raised kitchen garden similar to one that would have been used by the Mustill family in the 1800's this will be located adjacent to the home.

How funding will be used

Funds will be used for installation of a flagstone path and patio linking to an existing path running from the Mustill home to the store. Placement of historic millstones, purchase of memorial plaques and mounting stakes. Garden bed prep and planting of woodland plant species. Raised garden bed material, soil, seeds and vegetable plants.

Lock 15 Bridge

The original bridge over the north end of Lock 15 was destroyed during the flood of 1913. It is the intent of CLPA to rebuild this bridge to allow those on the Ohio and Erie towpath to exit the trail over the lock to engage the city of Akron along the Little Cuyahoga River.

Working with our neighbors in the Cascade Lofts and Cascade Village to the east of the Mustill store, we hope to connect neighborhoods and "Bridge Urban Spaces"

Cascade Locks Arch

Constructed of stones of the old North Street bridge, this will be a representation of the old spillway arch.